A cost guide to hiring a fit-out company If you are thinking

When it comes to your office fit-out companies can really make a difference space-wise. However, you might be considering the fact that they can be a little expensive, and even if they aren’t, it still is a significant investment. To ease your doubts a little, here is a guide to the average costs, and what they are based on, of a fit-out company’s services.

Average costs

Let’s get straight to the point. Actually, the costs will vary depending on what city you are on. The following costs presented are average costs in London, UK. Though the costs might vary a lot, in similar places they are around the same.

  • Low Specification – £12.50 per square foot
  • Mid Specification - £26.75 per square foot
  • High Specification - £52.75 per square foot

Whether a service is considered low or high specification is dependent on the services performed.

These costs depend on a series of factors, among them:


For designing your office fit-out companies will charge a design fee will usually be around 2-4%, though it depends on the company and the complexity of the project. Compared to an architect who charges about 8-12%, it is a significant difference when hiring a fit-out company.

Preparation and build

The average fit-out project (which is about £250,000) will include flooring, lighting, meeting rooms, reception, kitchen area, and furniture. If you add factors or take them away to this list the price might go up or down.

Furniture, fittings, and equipment

A good quality furniture will cost you about £500-600 per head of furniture user. For this price, you are able to get a chair, a desk, personal storage, and a desk screen or divider. All of these will be adapted to the design and intended to be space-efficient and fitting to the aesthetic you’ve chosen.

Again, all the pricings and factors might vary depending on your location and the kind of project they are performing.